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A Christian couple accused of blasphemy win bail in Pakistan

Last Wednesday, a court in Lahore (Pakistan) granted bail to a Christian couple arrested last month on blasphemy charges, an unusual occurrence in a country where falsely accused suspects spend years in jail awaiting verdicts.


Zahid Nazeer, attorney for Shaukat Masih and his wife Kiran Shaukat, said Additional Sessions Judge Lahore Mian Shahid Javed granted his petition for bail last Wednesday, enabling their release from jail on Saturday.

“We have been away from our children for over a month, and each day we spent in prison was spent thinking what would become of them if we couldn’t get out,” Masih, who supports his family by doing odd jobs, told Morning Star News.

Nazeer said he told the court that the impoverished couple was innocent as they were not present at the site at the time of the alleged incident.


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