70 million Christians in India face escalating religious persecution

Over a hundred Palestinians were killed, and hundreds more wounded, as Israeli troops opened fire during a chaotic food distribution in Gaza last week.

While the details are still unfolding, Israeli officials claim the troops fired warning shots, attributing casualties to ensuing panic and looting. However, Dr. Mohammed Salha, the acting director of the Al-Awda Hospital, stated that most of the 161 wounded patients received at his facility “appeared to have been shot.”As global alliances seem to solidify with America and its allies on one side and China, Russia, and their sympathizers on the other, India has managed to maintain a degree of neutrality.

Despite being part of the BRICS group with China and Russia and a major buyer of Russian oil, India has also emerged as a significant partner for the US in technology and trade.

The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) monitors persecution against Christians worldwide, categorizing nations as areas of concern, hostile, or restricted. India has recently been designated a “restricted nation,” alongside China, Iran, and others, marking it as one of the most severe cases of persecution according to VOM.

Source: christianheadlines.com




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