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ICC distributed 2,000 Bibles across rural India


In remote villages in India, access to transportation and biblical resources can be challenging. ICC embarked on a mission to empower local pastors and their congregations by distributing 20 bicycles and 2,000 Bibles to 20 pastors in rural India.


Upon their return, the pastors will distribute the Bibles to members of their congregation, kindling a flame of faith and unity within each household.

ICC started the Bikes and Bibles program to empower local Christian leaders to provide biblical resources to their congregations in rural areas.

According to civil society leaders, in 2014, there were 144 recorded incidents of religious violence in India. In 2022 there were over 600 incidents, with a similar trend showing in 2023.

Many states have also enacted anti-conversion laws since 2014, statutes that criminalize most minority religious activity and embolden mobs to attack peaceful Christian and Muslim gatherings.


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