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Prosecutor takes Päivi Räsänen to Supreme Court

Mrs. Päivi Räsänen is being legally supported by the Human Rights organisation ADF International.

Scientists in Israel validate Biblical events in 2 Kings 12

Researchers rely on the earth's magnetic field to verify an event mentioned in the Old Testament

Almost 25% of young Brits open to banning the Bible if it includes 'hate speech'

Nearly a quarter of young Brits would support banning the Bible

Päivi Räsänen found "not guilty' of hate speech for quoting the Bible

The ruling, which is now final, is a significant a victory for freedom of religion and expression.

NBA player released the first basketball sneakers with Bible verses on it

Jonathan Isaac hopes the new sneakers will be respected as "real basketball sneakers."

In Uganda, two Christians were beaten up for their faith.

The assailants smashed their motorcycle to pieces, tore up their Bibles, and other Christian literature.

Päivi Räsänen’s battle for religious freedom and free speech continues

Her ongoing legal battle has become a symbol of the delicate balance between religious freedom and free speech in modern society.

ICC distributed 2,000 Bibles across rural India

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took power in 2014, persecution incidents among Christians have greatly increased.

The Chinese government is rewriting parts of the Bible

The CCP sees itself as possessing absolute authority over religion in China.