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An attack in Kaduna State makes three fatal casualties

The assailants fired indiscriminately in the village.

ICC distributed 2,000 Bibles across rural India

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took power in 2014, persecution incidents among Christians have greatly increased.

A Catholic priest was shot dead in Nigeria

Police continue to investigate the murder and the gunmen are still at large.

The Nigerian government continues to ignore the destruction Christian farms

Fulani herdsmen terrorise the local Christian population on a regular basis.

17 Christians were killed in a militant attack in Nigeria

Security has been deployed to the sites of the most recent attacks after ten Christians were found killed by the militants.

A clergyman opposing the Nigerian government was killed by militants

On election day, four Christians were killed by Fulani militants in Benue State.

Christian orphanage founder acquitted of all charges in Nigeria

ICC previously reported on the unjust way authorities prolonged the man's trial.

ICC's annual report on persecution was published: the China case

There are thirty-two cases of arrests or detainments of Christians recorded in the report.

Prison authorities discovered letters of support for imprisoned Christian

ICC started its letter-writing campaign several years ago

Christians farmers attacked once again in Nigeria's Kaduna State

ICC urges the US to sanction Kaduna's Governor El-Rufai and his family for his his persecution of Christians.