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Prison authorities discovered letters of support for imprisoned Christian

Earlier this week, ICC heard from the wife of a persecuted Christian in Africa. He is currently in prison, facing spurious charges because of his involvement with a Christian organization that assists children in need.


Authorities shut down his organization’s operations in 2019 and threw him in prison where he is currently waiting for his trial to move forward.

Earlier this year, ICC launched a campaign encouraging its supporters around the world to write simple letters of encouragement to this persecuted brother and others. Soon after, he began receiving letters in his prison cell.

“Thanks so much for your concern and advocacy for my husband and the children,” said the wife in her message to ICC. “My husband receives a lot of letters from lovely brethren across the world encouraging him to remain strong and steadfast…he is really encouraged by the admonitions he receives in the letters.”

Many people contact ICC asking what they can do to help the persecuted church around the world. Writing a letter is, perhaps, ICC’s most tangible answer.


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