Christians in Burkina Faso forced to flee after deadly terrorist attacks

Terrorists gave an entire Christian population of a Burkina Faso village just a few hours to flee their homes after having brutally killed two Catholic prisoners in a church there.


In early October 2023, two young men from the village of Débé traveled to the nearby city of Tougan. Their journey violated travel restrictions, and a blockade was imposed on the residents of the area by controlling radical groups. The terrorists arrested the traveling men, who were Catholic, and held them captive. 

Two weeks later, the terrorists returned to Débé with their Christian prisoners. Instead of freeing the two young men, the terrorists forced their way inside a Catholic church, where they killed them on the altar.

The attackers then gave all Christians in the village 72 hours to flee. Members of the Catholic Church, Assemblies of God, and other denominations escaped to safety in nearby cities, leaving behind their homes and livelihoods.

Terrorist groups have gained control of Burkina Faso in recent years, particularly in the northern areas, and the number of those affected by violence and displacement continues to rise.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over two million people in the country have been displaced due to internal conflicts and violence. Although the displacement and attacks are not limited to Christians, pastors, and church members are regularly targeted, and the Débé attack is one of many recent examples of the increasing violence in Burkina Faso motivated by religion.

Source: christianheadlines.com

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