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Christians in Burkina Faso forced to flee after deadly terrorist attacks

According to the UNHCR, over two million people in the country have been displaced due to internal conflicts and violence.

Terrorists Kill 16 Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists this week killed 15 Christians, among two children in Kaduna state, Nigeria

Spanish authorities arrested 11 jihadists recruiting children

The investigation revealed that the group was led by a 59-year-old imam from one of the mosques in Melilla.

Two Catholic priests have been killed by terrorists in Nigeria

Last month, the Islamic State terror group released a video showing the execution of about 20 Christian civilians in Borno State.

Four Christians killed by terrorists in the DRC

The security situation in Beni and Ituri continues to worsen regardless of the presence of Ugandan troops.

Al-Shabaab Islamist seek to banish Christians from Northeastern Kenya

Attacks by terrorists targeting Christians in Northeastern Kenya have been intensifying in the last few years.

Kurdish terrorist group kidnapped four Christians in Syria

The YPG terrorist group has also been accused of kidnapping kids in order to force them to join their organization.

Islamic State supporter admits plot to blow up St Paul's Cathedral

Safiyya Amira Shaikh, was caught by undercover officers as she planned to plant two explosive devices in central London

36 people killed by Islamic terrorists in eastern DRC

Among the victims there was an Anglican pastor who was traveling with his family.