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Christian girl aged thirteen abducted in Pakistan

A 28-year-old Muslim suitor kidnapped a Christian man's daughter

Pakistani Christian loses her job and home after false blasphemy charge

A Christian widow lost her job and her home even though she had been exonerated after false blasphemy accusations

Catholic priest arrested in India

The priest working among slum children is accused of violating child rights.

Christian preacher missing after attempted murderer was sentenced

Sister Hatun Tash - a Christian preacher to the Muslims - has been missing for over a month

Fifteen Christian leaders arrested in Mauritania

Christian leaders and their families have been detained in Islamic Republic of Mauritania earlier this month

Christian father beaten by his son in Vietnam

An angry son attacked and brutally beat his father for becoming a Christian in late October

Husband reported Christian wife to authorities in China

A Christian wife was taken into custody after her husband had reported her to Chinese authorities

Nabeel, a persecuted Christian in Pakistan, sentenced to death

A young persecuted christian in Pakistan was sentenced to death because of accusation of blasphemy.

Christian man fined for sharing his faith in Belarus

A Christian man in his early 70s was detained and fined by police in Belarus

22-year-old Christian man sentenced to death in Pakistan

A court sentenced Noman Masih to death despite of lacking evidence in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.