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Murdered Christian’s widow forced to leave her home in India

Jime Kawasi, a murdered Christian's widow, has been living in fear since the tragedy and has been driven out of her own home by threats and violence.

Jime was unfortunate enough to witness her 22-year-old husband’s terrible death: “I saw them kill my husband right before my eyes. I was assaulted, but somehow I managed to escape. I still fear that my husband’s killers will find me and kill me.”

Jime fled Kapanar village and took sanctuary in a house far away from the tragic site. Five other Christian families from the village fled on the same day, including elderly parents and young children. 

Village leaders decided that all Christians would be banned from attending the Ammajugani festival, where the first mango harvest is offered to the local gods. Anyone who does not attend the festival is prohibited from consuming mangoes throughout the mango season. Frantic relatives attacked Kosa and his wife, requesting them to renounce their faith.

Christian leader Santosh Mandavi recalled: “They hit the couple with wooden sticks, kicked them with their feet and fists. When Kosa persisted in his faith, his uncle and cousin stabbed him with the knife thrice in his stomach. Kosa’s brother and his wife saved him and carefully continued to carry him away from the ferocious mob. His uncle and cousin then got an axe and struck Kosa on the head, killing him instantly.”

Jime Kawasi, still suffering from physical and emotional terror, lives with the five other Christian families several miles away. She is doubtful whether she can return home: “I want to continue to follow and serve Jesus. It was for this Jesus that my husband was willing to be faithful to the point of death; I, too, will follow in his footsteps. Please pray for me; I need your prayers.”


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