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Christian member of Nigeria’s Youth Corps has been assassinated

The attack was more than likely religiously motivated.

Coptic Christian brutally murdered by a known radical

Violence like this against Christians in Egypt has increased recently.

Priest kidnapped and church security guard murdered in Nigeria

A woman and two children were also kidnapped during the attack.

Christian boy dies due to injuries from acid attack in India

The boy died due to his injuries, more than a month after the attack.

Pakistani Christian man killed by his co-workers

The thirty-five-year-old Christian was murdered by his colleagues because he refused to convert to Islam.

A Christian nurse was murdered in Pakistan

The Christian man was murdered by the family of his female colleague because they believed they were in a relationship.

Woman killed by gunman during church service in Jamaica

The motive of the crime is not yet known.

Unknown perpetrators murdered a religious brother in Venezuela

It is suspected that robbery was the motivation behind the crime.

Murderer used blasphemy accusation to justify killing of Pakistani Christian

The victim’s family said the murderer falsely accused the Christian of committing blasphemy to justify the killing.

Eighty-two-year-old Catholic murdered in Los Angeles while praying

Both patients were kept in the same room at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster.