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Murdered Christian's widow forced to leave her home in India

A young widow, who had to witness her husband being killed for his faith, has been forced to flee her home

An Islamist terrorist murdered a convert to Christianity in the UK

The prosecution argued that Alid viewed Nouri as an apostate and thus deserving of death. The incident occurred last October.

Islam extremists slay Christian convert in Kenya

Assailants kill a Christian convert and injure three other evangelists originally from Uganda.

Note left on a murdered Christian's body says he was warned

Islamic extremists murdered a Christian man for showing the way to Christ to Muslims in Uganda on the 8th of March

A pastor was murdered and his wife kidnapped in Nigeria

Reverend Joshua Amako Maraya of an ECWA church in Damakasuwa, Kaduna state, was killed on the 17th of November

Disabled Christian murdered over unpaid loan in Pakistan

A disabled Christian farm worker was forcibly detained and subjected to extreme brutality by Muslim landlords

Father of 3 year-old murdered for becoming a Christian in Uganda

Villagers slew a 22 year-old Muslim man two weeks after he converted to Christianity

Christian member of Nigeria’s Youth Corps has been assassinated

The attack was more than likely religiously motivated.

Coptic Christian brutally murdered by a known radical

Violence like this against Christians in Egypt has increased recently.