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Islam extremists slay Christian convert in Kenya

An evangelist was attacked and murdered, whilst his three Christian companions were seriously injured in an attack near a town on Kenya’s border with Uganda on the 8th of March.

When four Christian workers returned home, at least ten Muslim men set a barrier by placing stones in front of their motorbikes. One of the survivors, evangelist Rooney Masaba of Uganda stated: “The attackers began asking us many questions and said not to involve Muslims in open-air outreach.”

The Christians tried to explain that they had never meant to be disrespectful to Islam or undermine their religion during their campaigns. They simply wanted to share the Good News about Jesus Christ. They visited homes in the mornings and spent the afternoons in open-air evangelism. The angry mob started tearing their Bibles to pieces and ambushed the Christians.

Masaba continued recollecting the terrible memories: “The Muslims further questioned us that they were not happy about the conversion of their fellow Muslims, especially their relatives during their door-to door mission outreach. This led the discussion getting more tense, and there and then one of the Muslims got hold of Ismail Wafula and pierced him with a sharp knife on the neck, chest and in the stomach, and he sustained terrible wounds on the head. He then fell down bleeding. We started screaming, wailing and calling for help. Thank God there came an approaching vehicle that arrived as well as some people living close by.”

The assailants fled and Wafula was taken to hospital, however, his injuries were so severe that he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards. He converted to Christianity at the age of thirty in 2021. The former Muslim joined the team of Ugandan evangelists last December. The perpetrators accused him of being an enemy of Islam and a heretic. 


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