Tag: Muslim attack

Christian sanitation worker tortured in Pakistan

A Christian sweeper was severely beaten and chained for not obeying quickly enough

Muslims beat Christians unconscious in Uganda

Two evangelists are still in hospital two weeks after having been severely beaten for their faith

Muslim family disturbs Christian worship in Indonesia

A Muslim local official and his family disrupted a Christian house worship on Java Island

Muslims attack Catholic students in Indonesia

Two female students were injured in the attack

Police aid Muslim perpetrators seize Christians' land in Pakistan

Police are refusing to arrest Muslims who attacked a Catholic family and seized their farm land

Islam extremists slay Christian convert in Kenya

Assailants kill a Christian convert and injure three other evangelists originally from Uganda.

Newly converted Christian parents murdered in Uganda

A formerly Muslim couple who converted to Christianity were slaughtered for their faith

Muslim teens confess plan to attack Austrian school and "shoot all the Christian

Austrian authorities detained two Muslim teenagers who admitted they wanted to "shoot all the Christians in the class"

Terrorists massacre 27 Christians in Kaduna, Nigeria this March

Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists killed 27 Christians

Muslim extremists burned down a house church in Uganda

Muslims make up no more than 12% of Uganda’s population, with high concentrations in eastern areas of the country.