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A church and several houses were burned down in Kenya

The Al Qaeda allied terrorist group has intensified attacks on Christians in Lamu for the last three months.

The escalation of Al-Shabaab violence continues across East Africa

The terrorist group operates among others in Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya.

Al-Shabaab terrorists executed five men in Kenya

Somali-based terrorist group killed five men in Lamu, Kenya

Shot in the chest by radical Muslims in Kenya

Watch the testimony of Daniel, the survivor of a brutal attack from radical Muslim herders

Fraudulent preacher provokes 65 deaths in Kenya

Deceitful fake preacher causes mass deaths

A pastor was killed for his faith by a group of Muslims in Kenya

Pastor Bulwa’s body was found with a deep cut on the forehead.

This is the country with the highest mass attendance

Despite the persecution, Catholics continue going to church.

Nine people killed by Al-Shabaab in hotel attack in Somalia

Nine civilians were killed and forty-seven people were wounded in the attack.

Somali pastor attacked for leaving Islam in Kenya

In May, Muslim women beat his wife as she was returning from a market.

Twenty-one people were killed in latest Al-Shabaab attack

Al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based Islamic jihadist group, besieged a hotel in Mogadishu on Friday, August 19.