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An elderly couple was left homeless for converting to Christianity

An elderly couple in eastern Uganda has fled their village after Muslim relatives upset with their conversion to Christianity threatened to destroy them and their home, according to local sources.


In the village of Wakalende, Kyebando Ward in Mayuge town, 70-year-old Sula Mugudi and his wife, Aisha Mugudi, 62, put their faith in Christ on the 16th of September during a church’s weeklong evangelistic campaign of home visits.
Three days after converting, the couple attended a church all-night prayer vigil, returning home on the 20th of September to find that relatives who had learned of their conversion had smashed bricks against their modest home.
“As we returned back to our grass-thatched roof house, we found some of the debris around the house,” Sula Mugudi told Morning Star News. “On entering the house, we found there was a threatening message, ‘Today if we find you around, we shall destroy you with the house. You have become an embarrassment to our Muslim family by joining a wrong religion.’” The fearful couple left the house immediately.
“It was a very difficult moment for us – no place to stay, no clothing and beddings,” Mugudi said. A pastor whose name is withheld for security reasons said the couple has been relocated as far away as possible to avoid attack by Muslim relatives.


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