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Islamic preacher's guide to the clandestine conversion of minors

In a viral video, the Islamic preacher gives a tutorial on how to convert non-Muslim minors without their parents knowledge.

An elderly couple was left homeless for converting to Christianity

The attack was the latest of many instances of persecution of Christians in Uganda that Morning Star News has documented.

Pastors and church members arrested for alleged religious conversions

Uttar Pradesh recorded over 200 violent occurrences against Christians this year alone.

An Ugandan man was beaten unconscious for leaving Islam

Conversion from islam to Christianity is often highly dangerous, not only in Uganda.

A pastor was attacked after converting 37 Muslims to Christianity in Uganda

He remained hospitalized for over a week and suffered in particular from leg and hand fractures.

Christian convert sentenced to death under apostasy law in Lybia

Four years ago, the young man converted to Christianity and has been arrested and detained multiple times since then.

Somali pastor attacked for leaving Islam in Kenya

In May, Muslim women beat his wife as she was returning from a market.

Three former Muslim leaders hunted down for their conversion

Conversion from Islam to Christianity is often highly dangerous, not only in Uganda.

India jails 30 Christians on charges of "forced conversion"

The police arrested the church’s pastor and filed a formal complaint against him and refused to book the assailants.

State government in Southern India prepares to introduce anti-conversion law

Radical nationalists falsely accuse Christians of forcefully converting individuals to Christianity to justify violence.