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Islamic preacher’s guide to the clandestine conversion of minors

An investigation was opened against a controversial Islamic preacer because of a video, in which he gave a tutorial to teachers and religious leaders on how to convert non-Mulsim minors to Islam wihtout their parents noticing.

In Malaysia, the police opened an investigation against a controversial Islamic preacher, Firdaus Wong, after a video went viral in which he gave both a tutorial and advice directed to teachers and religious leaders on how to convert non-Muslim minors without their parents knowing.

Shortly after the opening of the investigation, multiple reports were filed with the police by NGOs and activist groups supported by the parents of non-Muslim minors. According to the lawyers of one of the complainants, the video also contained advice for the converted minors on how to keep their new faith secret from their family.

The Advisory Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism voiced its condemnation of the video, calling it

“immoral, unconstitutional and illegal.”

The Council also stated that the preacher’s guidelines are against the Constitution of Malaysia and the fundamental freedoms it contains.

In the video, Firdaus Wong converses with a secondary school teacher and religious professor about converting middle and high school students. The preacher says that first, the children have to recite “kalimah syahdah” (an article of faith), which the teacher should record. The next step he advises is to teach the children about Islam until they are 18 and can convert legally.

During an interview with Asia News, Peter John Jaban, vice president of the Global Human Rights Foundation Malaysia (Ghrf), voiced his concerns about the video. He said that the advice that Firdaus Wong gave to the teacher is

“contrary to the laws of Malaysia and also to the Constitution of the Federation.”

He also mentioned that the teacher’s involvement in such discussions undermines the trust given to him by parents. Mr. Jaban also questions the sincerity of conversion, as education about Islam is only proposed after conversion.

Source: Asia News

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