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There is no news of pastor kidnapped six years ago

His wife believes that she will be reunited with her husband one day, either in this world or the next.

Five Chinese Christians detained for attending a Christian conference

Xuncheng Church has been heavily targeted in recent months.

Malaysian government withholds evidence concerning missing pastor

The government has not been cooperative with providing evidence for the inquiry in January of this year.

Muslim leaders in Malaysia call for religious harmony

While Malaysia generally respects religious freedom, the Muslim authorities remain critical towards conversion to other religions

Malaysia court strikes down ban on Christians using the word "Allah"

Christians in Malaysia, who make up only 9% of the population, have historically used the word "Allah" to refer to God.

Court acquitted alleged kidnapper of Malaysian pastor

The Magistrate's Court acquitted and freed a former Uber driver, who was accused of abducting Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh.

Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh still missing four years after abduction

In January, Malaysia’s Ministry of Home Affairs said that the task force needed more time to prepare its report.

Five Christians baptised in Malaysia

Despite persecution and the present inundations that caused a catastrophe in Malaysia, five people converted to Christianity.

Malaysia: Evangelisation in Catholic schools, in partnership with the government

"The Church has intensified her ministry in the field of education as an important means of evangelization."