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Christian convert sentenced to death under apostasy law in Lybia

Libyan authorities sentenced a young man to death based on a loophole in an apostasy law, as Middle East Concern reports.


Throughout the convert’s court cases, he did not receive representation. Once his sentence was given, he was required to post his death sentence in several public places, including newspapers, radio, and outside his home.

Militias, acting as police and authorities in a rebellious state, attempted several times to force him to recant his faith. Because he refused to deny his Christian faith, the Libyan convert was charged with apostasy and sentenced to death by an appeals court.

Technically, Libya does not hold any national laws against apostasy. However, a 2012 to 2014 elected legislative body, the General National Congress, passed a law that in a convert from Islam refuses to recant, they are to be executed.


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