Tag: Violence against Christians

Violent attacks on Christians may cause a civil war in Manipur

The attacks in the state of Manipur have left at least 70 Christians dead and forced another 10,000 from their homes.

French basilica robbed and clergy personal threatened with death

The homeless man shouted that he would "come back and kill them all"

Christian flee violence in Burkina Faso

At least sixty Christians have been killed because of their faith in Burkina Faso since January.

Laos: Protestant pastor arrested during worship

The population of the Bru people is distributed between Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

Two Christians killed in Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya

Kenya has become a common location for Al-Shabaab to conduct attacks targeting Christians.

Switzerland: a group of people tries to burn down a church

Some people who were standing neareby managed to stop the flames before the firefighters arrived.