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Intimidating graffiti smeared on an Evangelical church in the UK

Essex Police are currently investigating an incident of racially aggravated criminal damage at the Southchurch Christian Fellowship Centre, where radical Muslim graffiti was sprayed onto the windows on the night of March 16. Graffiti, stating: "This is a Muslim area," has prompted the investigation.


Ms. Champion, who stumbled upon the vandalism, expressed profound dismay, stating: “Witnessing such hateful behavior is truly heartbreaking and infuriating.” She and a colleague took immediate action to remove the graffiti from the church windows to ensure that attendees of the Sunday service wouldn’t feel intimidated.

Highlighting the Christian Fellowship Centre’s significant contributions to the community, Ms. Champion emphasized their dedication to serving everyone, regardless of race or religion. She noted the burden of time and financial resources required to address the vandalism.

Rob McAvoy, founder of Project Southchurch, condemned the vandalism as “utterly appalling” and is actively engaging with the Muslim community to convey solidarity.

James Courtenay, the council’s executive member for community safety and public protection, stressed the importance of reporting such incidents promptly for investigation. He underscored the devastating impact of hate crimes on both victims and the community, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring safety and security for all residents.



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