Muslim husband starves Christian wife for reading the Bible

A 27 year-old Christian woman was beaten and left to die at a wild animal park in Uganda.

Pregnant Christian woman beaten by employers in Pakistan

Muslim employers beat Christian cleaner and illegally detained her for a week

Police arrest a priest on charges of treason

Nicaraguan police arrested Father Jaime Iván Montesinos Sauceda on Tuesday night, 23 May.

Gender ideology compromises safeguarding principles in UK public schools

Traditional Christian values are at risk from increased pressure by gender ideology.

Violent attacks on Christians may cause a civil war in Manipur

The attacks in the state of Manipur have left at least 70 Christians dead and forced another 10,000 from their homes.

Christians face extreme danger in Afghanistan

The Taliban are conducting door-to-door searches for Christians and other minority groups.

Christian prisoners receive presidential pardon in Algeria

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced a decree to release 8000 prisoners, some of whom were Christians.

Christians face discrimination and harassment in Vietnam

Christians are pestered in the workplace and may face discrimination for their faith, while Christian children are ostracised.

Church of Scotland loses over half its membership since 2000

The rise of secularism has been threatening traditional churches in Scotland for over 20 years now.

Christian teens charged with blasphemy could face death penalty

Two Christian boys were charged with blaspheming the prophet Muhammad in Lahore.