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Note left on a murdered Christian’s body says he was warned

Uganda pastor

Seven masked men kidnapped 45-year-old street preacher Kiisa Masolo when he returned home on the 8th of March. The men were dressed in Islamic clothing.

Masolo’s mother, Norah Nandege witnessed the horrible incident: “After whisking him away, three men remained behind and told me that, ‘Allah is very displeased with your son, and we’re out to punish him. Then the three men left.”

A clan leader advised her to wait till the next morning to report the kidnapping to the police. When Masolo did not turn up, she filed a missing person’s report to a Local Council 3 chairperson.

She stated: “After four hours of search, the body of my son Masolo was found lying lifeless in the bush with a written Arabic note which we could not read. A person fluent in Arabic was called to read the script, which stated, ‘We had warned you not to convert our Muslim brothers and sisters to Christianity, but you failed to heed our warning. This has finally cost your life.’ I tried to advise my son to be very cautious with his life, but he used to tell me that his life was in the hands of God and that he was called to carry out the preaching of the gospel of Christ. Since then, I knew that the life of my son was in danger, and he might not live for long due to the many threatening messages of Allah, who was out to kill him.”

Muslims had been threatening Masolo for some time. He had deep cuts in his head and neck when they found his body. Masolo was a member of the Calvary Temple in Mbale. His body was transported to Mbale city mortuary for post-mortem and further examination.

Despite the fact that Uganda’s constitution promotes religious freedom, including the right to convert, Christians face regular threats, violence and even death from Islamic extremists. 



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