Tag: persecuted Christians

Church leader convicted in Algeria

Pastor Youssef Ourahmane was charged with holding an unauthorized religious assembly

Christian peace mission forced to leave blockaded Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan stops Karabakh offensive after ceasefire deal with Armenian separatists

The oppression of Rohingya Christians in Myanmar

A series of military suppression resulted in constant human rights violations for the Rohingya Christians

A Christian insider's perspective of troubles in Iraq

Iraqi Christians experience discrimination, harassment and violent persecution.

Six Christians face potential death penalties in Libya

Six Libyans were charged of converting to Christianity and encouraging others to do the same

Shot in the chest by radical Muslims in Kenya

Watch the testimony of Daniel, the survivor of a brutal attack from radical Muslim herders

Persecution of Christians increases in Cuba

Cuba's communist regime does not tolerate any opposition from Christians

Christians face extreme danger in Afghanistan

The Taliban are conducting door-to-door searches for Christians and other minority groups.

Christians face discrimination and harassment in Vietnam

Christians are pestered in the workplace and may face discrimination for their faith, while Christian children are ostracised.

Christians' rights are constantly violated in Egypt

Christian women hitting on the face for not wearing traditional Islamic outfit.