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Father of 3 year-old murdered for becoming a Christian in Uganda

Villagers stabbed 22 year-old Abudu Amisi from Kasanvu village, Pallisa District multiple times when he was returning from a market on 8 July. According to eyewitnesses, he died on route to the hospital.

Amisi converted to Christianity on 22 June, after 6 months of learning about Jesus Christ.

A Christian leader, who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons, said “Immediately after his conversion, Amisi was very fearful of his life from the Muslims in his village at Kasanvu. The church then housed him in a rental house, and he remained indoors for two weeks. On Saturday July 8, the church sent two young men to go with Amisi to buy food at a market in Kasasira for a seminar training of Christian leaders”. 

According to eye-witnesses, a Muslim man who seemed to know Amisi from his village greeted them joyously, and they had a conversation for about 10 minutes.

One of the young men accompanying Amisi, said “After buying the food items, we then began our journey back to the church. About 50 meters from the market area, people began shouting and mentioning the name of Amisi, saying, ‘Here comes the betrayer of Islam. He should not see the light of the day.’ There and then they surrounded him and then began cutting him with long knives on his head, face and neck, and fractured his legs and hand.”

The petrified young man ran to the church leader, who phoned the police right away. The assailants fled and officers were looking for them continuously. 

The pastor stated “Paramedics hurriedly tried to rescue Amisi, but it was too late, they had already cut him, and he had lost a lot of blood and died on the way to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital.”

They took Amisi’s body to a mortuary for safekeeping, because they fear a Christian burial would ignite further vengeance from Muslims.  “We are now engaging the Pallisa County Council to assist in reaching out to the family of deceased for his burial,” the pastor said.

Amisi left a mourning wife and a 3 year-old son behind. 

Even though Uganda’s constitution promotes religious freedom, including the right to propagate one’s faith and convert from one faith to another, violent attacks against Christians remain high. The population of Uganda comprises only 12 percent of Muslims with high concentrations in eastern areas of the country.


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