Tag: anti Christian attacks

Muslim employer tortures Christian employee to death in Pakistan

A young Catholic employee, who wanted to quit his job, was tortured and killed

Pastor, wife and three other Christians murdered in Nigeria

Islamic extremists attacked a Christian village and murdered five Christians on the 2nd of June

Elderly Christian man dies of injuries in Pakistan

An elderly Christian attacked by a Muslim mob over a false blasphemy accusation passed away as a result of his serious injuries

Murdered Christian's widow forced to leave her home in India

A young widow, who had to witness her husband being killed for his faith, has been forced to flee her home

Azerbaijan destroys Armenian church and village

Azerbaijan destroyed a church and built a mosque in conquered Artsakh

Muslims attack Catholic students in Indonesia

Two female students were injured in the attack

Teacher saves Catholic school pupils from terror attack in Nigeria

A teacher and Catholic priest saved the lives of sleeping students

Police aid Muslim perpetrators seize Christians' land in Pakistan

Police are refusing to arrest Muslims who attacked a Catholic family and seized their farm land

Islamic extremists set Christian houses on fire in Egypt

A Coptic Orthodox Christian community was violently disrupted when Islamic terrorists attacked their community

ADF rebels attack Christian community in DRC

Members of the Allied Democratic Forces attacked the Christian village of Mangina in Beni, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo