Tag: anti Christian attacks

A German church was robbed and vandalised

Police are still investigating the incident.

Anti-Christian hate crimes on the rise in Europe

In 2022, OIDAC Europe documented 748 anti-Christian hate crimes in 30 different countries

Christian peace mission forced to leave blockaded Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan stops Karabakh offensive after ceasefire deal with Armenian separatists

Taliban detains 18 non-profit workers for promoting Christianity

The Taliban has detained 18 workers, including one American, in Afghanistan for allegedly preaching Christianity

Two churches attacked in the same town in Nepal

Anti-Christian attacks seem to be a growing trend in Nepal

The tabernacle of a German church was vandalised

This is not the first incident in and around Mönchengaldbach in the last years.

Summit highlights the investigation of ISIS genocide against Iraq’s Christians

The UN conference highlighted the investigation’s findings regarding ISIS’ targeted genocide against Christians

At least 14 killed in militant attack on Congo church last Sunday

Local and army sources confirmed that members of a militia had murdered Christian worshippers in a Congolese church

Muslim teens confess plan to attack Austrian school and "shoot all the Christian

Austrian authorities detained two Muslim teenagers who admitted they wanted to "shoot all the Christians in the class"

Man who threw smoke bombs on a church is charged in New Jersey

A man faces 15 charges related to an incident in January in which he threw smoke bombs, vandalizing a church