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Christian family beaten and separated from their kids in India

Tribal villagers expel couple for refusing to renounce Christ.

Eight Christians beaten when returning home from church

Eight Christians were attacked when leaving a house church in Chhattisgarh, India.

Hindu flags forcibly placed on church rooftops in India

Saffron flags hoisted on churches in Madhya Pradesh ahead of Ram temple ceremony

Rampant Christian persecution in Uttar Pradesh

Seventeen Christians, including pastors, have been jailed this year already.

Christian pastor arrested for praying at home on New Year's Eve

Police in Uttar Pradesh arrested two Christians for praying at home

Hundreds of Christians arrested in India

According to Release International, the state-fuelled persecution against Christians has peaked in India

Six people killed and sixteen wounded by gun and mortar fire in Manipur

As violence continues in Manipur, Prime Minister Modi faces no-confidence motion

Violence and assault in Manipur: Christians persecuted in India

A disturbing video from Manipur went viral, depicting the assault of two women from the Christian Kuki tribe.