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Christian preacher missing after attempted murderer was sentenced

Fearless preacher Sister Hatun Tash, a representative of DCCI (Defend Christ Critique Islam) Ministries which "seeks to preach the Gospel to Muslims using apologetics and polemics", has been missing for five weeks.

Sister Tash, a well-known preacher at the Speaker’s Corner in London, suffered many assaults, death threats, insults, a murder plot and constant abuse for her Christian faith. People who know her agree that she is a brave woman, a convert from Islam who points out the flaws in Islam from a position of authority. Her most iconic visual aid when preaching to the Muslims is a copy of the Koran with holes in it to illustrate how the book does not hold water –  meaning that is not a true and trustworthy document. 

A man called Edward Little, who pleaded guilty to plotting to kill her was sentenced to 16 years in jail this week. The perpetrator – a Muslim convert – confessed to planning an act of terrorism. The police captured him on his way to purchase a firearm and bullets in South London. He had £5,000 cash on him. 

An unknown offender, who had slashed Sister Tash’s face in July 2021, was never apprehended, even though he was wielding his knife in front of witnesses and police officers and was caught on camera. Sister Tash was wearing a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt at the time.

She expressed her deep concerns about the lack of assistance from authorities: “My attacker was not even afraid of the police as he did it right in front of them. It is heartbreaking that we live in a society where police do not want to arrest a Muslim, for fear of being called ‘Islamophobic.'”

According to the Metropolitan Police, they are investigating the case, however, friends of Sister Tash are not convinced the police are doing everything they can. Members of the Free Speech Union confirmed that last year a Muslim mob surrounded her screaming for her blood. There is video footage showing the Sister being attacked, robbed and surrounded by an angry group. Then it shows the police arresting her and dragging her away in an arm-lock while the angry Muslims cheer. The police strip-searched Sister Tash and kept her in prison overnight. Finally, she was released without a charge.

One of her friends posted on social media: “The police should be taking her absence seriously but none of us can find any evidence that they are investigating”. 



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