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Teaching assistant wins a legal case after being fired for street preaching

The school decided to settle the case and pay the man £7,000 (around 8,800 USD) in compensation instead of going to trial.

Arrested Scottish street preacher wins substantial damages from police

Street preacher arrested in Glasgow wins thousands of pounds in compensation

Christian preacher missing after attempted murderer was sentenced

Sister Hatun Tash - a Christian preacher to the Muslims - has been missing for over a month

A preacher could be jailed for holding a sign with a Bible verse

The man pleaded not guilty to breaking the public spaces protection order (PSPO).

A Brit admitted to be plotting the miurder of a street evangelist

The evangelist Hatun Tash, who is a convert from Islam to Christianity, engaged frequently in debates at London’s Speakers' Corner

The City Council of Leeds accused a street preacher of "hate speech"

The man claimed his preachings to be "thoroughly Biblical and in line with mainstream historic Christian doctrine."

A Chinese street evangelist arrested by the authorities and sent to drug rehab

He was first placed under administrative detention for seven days.

London street preacher alleges police confronted him for "homophobic language"

There have been many other reported cases of Christian preachers being confronted in England.

Christian preacher arrested for reading the Bible out loud in London

Recent similiar examples show that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are under threat in Great Britain.