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Hindu extremism on the rise in Nepal

As Hindutva ideology or Hindu religious extremism, is spreading in Nepal, attacks against Christians are on the rise. In March and April alone, there were five independent atrocities involving Christians.

As Hindu extremism is on the rise in Nepal, Christians report an increased number of atrocities. Nepal is now a secular country, but it cannot get rid of its Hindu monarchist past. As Hindutva ideology is growing in India, it also affects Nepal.

In March and April 2024, there were at least five different incidents against Christians. Kiran Thapa, a Christian who was arrested because he prayed for other people who requested it in Kathmandu, said police officers threatened him and kept him in inhumane conditions.

They threatened to kill me and bury me as an anonymous corpse near the ghat (riverbed). ‘If the law had not bound my hands, I would have killed you and buried you here,’ the officer told me.”

Earlier this year, a Hindu extremist group, the HSS (Hindu Emperor Army), taunted Christians, calling them to tear their Bibles. In the end, they took the Bibles and set them on fire, shouting Hindu slogans.

In March, when Australian and Nepalese Christians visited a village in Terai, a Hindu group threatened and accused them of trying to convert the locals. Police officers came and arrested the Christian group. While in detention, a mob gathered around the police station and demanded that the Christians be charged with preaching. The Nepalese government then asked the Australians to leave the country but kept the Nepalese citizens under detention for three more weeks. They are freed on bail but will stand trial for proselytization.

Religious extremism is causing a significant problem in Nepal. Hindu extremist groups are on the rise, as are attacks and other atrocities against religious minorities. In many cases, Hindu groups portray Christians as outsiders trying to erase local cultures.

Nepali Christian leaders are planning to take action and bring the issue of anti-Christian attacks to the authorities.

Source: Christianity Today

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