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Hindu extremism on the rise in Nepal

Christians are facing more and more challenges and incidents in Nepal, where Hindu extremism is causing concern. 

Nuns support women in Nepal

The organization established by nuns helps women in vulnerable situations become independent.

Growing anti-Christian hatred in Nepal

As Christmas is coming Christians are advised to be on high alert.

Supreme Court sentences pastor to prison for "proselytizing" in Nepal

The Christian community in Nepal has faced increased persecution since 2018

A Nepalese pastor faces one year in prison for alleged forced conversions

Local pastor from Nepal has been rejected an appeal and faces imprisonment

Two churches attacked in the same town in Nepal

Anti-Christian attacks seem to be a growing trend in Nepal

Two Nepalese churches were vandalised

Nepal witnesses a growing trend of violence directed at Christians.

Pastor sentenced to prison for violating anti-conversion law in Nepal

In a viral video published on the internet, Pastor Acharya prayed in front of his congregation for the coronavirus to leave.

Hindu nationalists use forged document to discredit Christian groups in Nepal

The forged document claims that the Christian groups are seeking to create ethnic divisions in Nepal to gain converts.