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Nuns for the support of women in Nepal

Good Shepherd Sisters founded Opportunity Village Nepal, an organization to help and support women in vulnerable situations and victims of human trafficking.

There are a large number of women in Nepal who are in vulnerable situations and are often victims of human trafficking. Catholic nuns, the Good Shepherd Sisters in Pokhara, are fighting for the well-being of these women.

They established an organization called Opportunity Village Nepal (OVN) in 1998 to help women become independent. The sisters also started a project in 2016 to help victims of human trafficking.

In these programs, nuns provide training and, in many cases, financial support as well. Women between 18 and 30 receive training in the fields of sewing, handicrafts, baking, and bead-making, among others. After their training, the majority of them also learned to start their own businesses.

But it is not only practical and financial support that the sisters provide. They offer classes on psychotherapy and life to help the victims overcome their trauma.

The idea of the organizations came after nuns faced the sad truth that how many young women are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and the adult industry.

The goal of the sisters with the OVN program is to help as many women as possible overcome hardships in their lives and be able to sustain themselves. In additional support for the program and to help the victims, the nuns run a transit home and a child protection home as well.

Source: UCAnews

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