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Six nuns kidnapped by armed gunmen

The attackers took over the bus on which the nuns traveled, took them hostages, and drove off.

Anti-Christian crimes are on the rise across France

A collective statement signed by 20 French personnalities draws attention to the issue.

Trappist sisters are leaving Nicaragua because of persecution

President Ortega's regime has already ordered the closure of nine Catholic radio stations and three Church-affiliated TV stations.

American nun rescued by US forces after being held hostage for 5 months

A rescue mission to recover a U.S. citizen held captive in West Africa was carried out the same day.

Nuns charged with terrorism

The nuns are associated with the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, a Catholic group.

Two Catholic nuns murdered in South Sudan

The sisters lost their lives in an attack on a group of sisters last Sunday.

Catholic nun saved peaceful demonstrators from police in Myanmar

Catholic nun asked security forces not to shoot young demonstrators who were protesting peacefully.

Catholic nun attacked by armed men in Zambia

Unlike in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, attacks on Christians in Zambia remain rare.

Mozambique: the nuns who were missing for 24 days are safe and sane

The two nuns were found safe and sound, but do not want to make any public statement.