A Swiss TV channel prohibited its presenter from wearing a cross pendant

The Swiss TV sender SRF has prohibited the moderator Wasiliki Goutziomitros to wear a cross necklace during the program. Ms. Goutziomitros is a presenter on the news program "10 vor 10", and was seen wearing a small cross pendant. Now, the SRF has decided that it violates journalistic guidelines.


This has caused a great discussion in Switzerland regarding religious freedom. These news were reported around the 24. March.

 SRF has answered to questions saying that: “Visible religious symbols are not intended for presenters of news programmes at SRF,” adding that “Information programmes are factual and analytical. SRF staff keep their distance from all ideologies and interest groups.”

The SRF also commented: “We do not consider it appropriate, which is why we refrain from doing so.”

According to a non-representative survey by Nau.ch, 82% of the respondents think that Goutziomitros should be allowed to wear the cross pendant.

Also, a lawyer, Ueli Vogel-Etienne, told “20 Minuten” that: “There is no law prohibiting the wearing of religious symbols in the workplace”.

The TV presenter also responded to questions about the necklace, to which she responded that “The necklace is a family heritage item that I received as a gift about ten years ago.” – For her, it didn’t even have that religious (or political) meaning.

Source: kath.ch

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