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Hindu nationalists use forged document to discredit Christian groups in Nepal

According to Morning Star News, Hindu nationalists have forged and published a highly inflammatory document to discredit and close several Christian NGOs in Nepal.


Morning Star News reports the forged document went viral on social media after members of the Hindu nationalist Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) published the false document on Facebook on the 5th of April. Since then, the RPP has called on the government to cancel the registration of the Nepal Christian Society and the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal.

“The police officials orally concluded that the Hindu nationalist political party leaders have forged the document, but they have refused to file cases and initiate action against them,” Mukunda Sharma, Executive Secretary of the Nepal Christian Society, told Morning Star News. “Both organisations decided to publish a press release refuting the claims.”

Radical Hindu nationalists in Nepal are campaigning to reestablish the country as a Hindu kingdom. Receiving support from Hindu nationalists in India, groups like the RPP have successfully influenced Nepal’s government into enacting pro-Hindu policies such as a national anti-conversion law. These policies have in turn increased the persecution experienced by Nepal’s Christian community.


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