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An underground pastor was fined by the Chinese government

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government fined the pastor of an underground church in Xiamen, China, according to the U.S.-based Christian nonprofit ChinaAid. Pastor Yang Xibo and his wife, Wang Xiaofei, face a fine of 400,000 Yuan, or approximately $55,100 USD.


Pastor Yang leads the Xunsiding underground church, which is not affiliated with the Three-Self Church—the government-sanctioned authority over Protestant congregations in China.

The CCP government initially targeted the Xunsiding church in 2019, levying a fine and imposing law enforcement surveillance for 30 days over the church and its members. Government officials “demolished private property and forced members to send their children to public schools,” according to a report from ChinaAid.

The church resorted to frequently changing its assembly location as a tactic to avoid government suppression and coercion.


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