Tristan Azbej: Hungary provides humanitarian aid to Armenia

Hungary supporting the humanitarian work of the Armenian Red Cross with 100.000 euros through the Hungary Helps program.

Cooperation agreement signed by Hungary Helps concerning water purification systems

The Hungary Helps Agency signed a partnership agreement with the Hungarian Water Partnership.

Christian church leaders in Hungary drew attention to the importance of peace

The three largest Christian churches in Hungary highlighted the importance of peace at their meeting this year

Nigerian Christians in Kaduna Appeal to State Leaders

Despite appealing personally to state leaders, Christians of Kaduna State in Nigeria continue to face malicious terrorist attacks.

Persecuted Armenian Christians face military offensive

There is a shortage of energy, food, and other essentials for persecuted Armenian Christians living in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Herdsmen Kill 15 Christians and Kidnap 32 Others in Nigeria

Sources revealed that Fulani herdsmen killed 15 Christians in southern Kaduna state in Nigeria last week.

Evangelist Slain for Leading Muslims to Christ in Uganda

A 33-year-old evangelist beaten to death in Eastern-Uganda.

Hungarian rescue teams are heading to flood-stricken Libya

Hungarian Rescue Group are heading to flood-stricken Libya with 46 members and three dogs, supported by the government.

Persecuted Christians in Colombia face drug cartels

Persecuted Christians in Colombia experience danger from human trafficking, gangs and political turmoil.

In the future, Hungary will pay special attention to the Sahel region

Hungary will place special emphasis on the Sahel region, as it is considered a potential migration source said Tristan Azbej.