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Government in Uganda intends to tighten its grip over churches

The new policy would weaken religious freedom in Uganda. Policymakers want to introduce new legislation that contains elements that would significantly increase the government's control over churches and religious organisations in the country.

A new set of plans for regulating churches and religious organisations has emerged in Uganda. The new policy would mean that religious organisations would have to submit their accounts to the government, pastors would have to be trained by government-appointed institutions, and they would have to report to an organisation controlled by the government.

These plans for restrictions came after accusations were made against a pastor in Kenya, claiming that he promoted fasting that led to several deaths. Now, multiple governments in Africa are using that case to gain more control over religious organisations.

The International Centre for Religious Advocacy and Development (ICRAD) director, Wisdom Peter Katumba, said that,

The proposed policy is intended to tighten oversight of the clergy and congregations by the government and bring religion under direct political control of the reigning president.”

Different religious leaders gathered together at an ICRAD event and denounced the new policy, criticising the steps taken to limit religious freedom.

Source: Bitter Winter

Photo: ICRAD

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