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Porsche removed a statue of Christ for its advertisement video

German luxury car brand Porsche digitally removed the statue of Christ the King in Lisbon from an advertisement celebrating 60 years of the Porsche 911 filmed in Portugal and published on 2 August.


After the unreasonable removal of the monument caused outrage among Christians, the brand apologised for the “error” and re-published the video with the Christ unedited.

The luxury car brand Porsche recorded an advertisement in Portugal to mark the 60th anniversary of the 911 S/T model. In one of the shots of the video, which was recorded in several locations around Lisbon, Internet users noticed that the German manufacturer had edited the Cristo Rei (Christ the King) statue, removing it from the advert, and keeping only the structure of the monument.

The unreasonable removal of Christ from the video caused outrage among Christians, finally forcing Porsche to remove the video from the Internet and publish it again without the alterations. Contacted by FOX, the brand said: “In an early version of a film created in Europe, the Cristo Rei Statue does not appear. We are truly sorry and can fully understand the hurt this has caused. This film has been removed.”

The Sanctuary of Christ the King, which features a statue of Christ with his arms outstretched and overlooking the city of Lisbon and the Tagus River, was finished in 1959 as a gesture of gratitude for saving Portugal from the devastation of World War II by maintaining its neutrality in the war. The monument totals 110 metres in height.


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