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A statue of the infant Jesus was beheaded in a German church

It is currently unclear whether the damaged figure can be repaired.

Porsche removed a statue of Christ for its advertisement video

The statue of Christ the King in Lisbon is one of the city most recognisable symbols.

Anti-Christian tags were smeared on a statue in France

The degradation occurred precisely eleven years after Mohammed Merah's mass shooting at a Jewish school.

A man tried to steal a statue of St. Michael from a Mexican church

The man was later hospitalized while the statue was returned to the church, apparently undamaged by the incident.

Church and Marian statue targeted by vandalism in Southern France

The act looks like nothing more than an immature way to show rebellion by some teenagers.

Four statues of the Virgin Mary have been vandalised in Polish villages

The acts of vandalism took place right before Easter

Religious statue removal to be decided in French court

The statue was only targeted after it was hit by a car and was later rebuilt identically.

Authorities demolished a statue of Jesus despite court judgment in India

The state government recently passed a law protecting unauthorised religious sites until paperwork is settled.

Christian statues destroyed outside NYC Catholic church

The two statues depict the Blessed Mother and St. Therese the Little Flower.