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Authorities demolished a statue of Jesus despite court judgment in India


The persecution of Christians in India continues. In Gokunte, Karnataka, the ruling Hindus destroyed a statue of Jesus and the Stations of the Cross. The local authorities entered the parish in a bulldozer under the pretext of errors in ownership documents.


The demolition was carried out, although the court forbade any action to be taken until the matter was resolved by a higher court. It was a surprise for everyone, because earlier the parish had not received any letter informing about the planned activities. Hundreds of despairing people watched the destruction of Christian symbols, supervised by 200 policemen.

“Does this law apply only to certain religious groups and not to minorities? Do only Christians have this problem? Where does this discrimination come from? ” Asked Archbishop Peter Machado, assuming that the authorities had succumbed to pressure from fundamentalists to destroy the atmosphere of peace and harmony in the village.

“Is any act of kindness towards the Christian community by the government too much of an expectation? We are afraid of further such brutal attacks,”said the hierarch.

This is not the first time this has happened in the state of Karnataka. A week ago, the Holy Cross Center of St. Anthony. In total, six similar demolitions were carried out in the last two years and churches were systematically attacked. “We pray and hope that the government will however protect our places of worship and religious symbols and that it will not continue to hurt the religious feelings of Christians,” concluded the priest.


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