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Priest accuses politician of making fake propaganda video

The priest from Kerala state filed a complaint against a politician running for the ruling National Democratic Alliance at the current national election. According to the priest, the politician used one of his previous speeches and made it seem like he was urging people to vote for him.

Right now, India has an almost two-month-long national election period. Amid the campaigning, a video surged from the ruling National Democratic Alliance, more specifically from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), where a priest urges believers to support their candidate.

The priest on the video is Fr. Paul Thekkanath, vicar of Puthukkad. He is accusing the BJP and candidate Suresh Gopi of manipulating the recording of one of his previous speeches. It seems like he ensures the candidate of his support and urges others to vote for him.

Fr. Thekkanath filed a complaint and alleged that the video was fake. The BJP targets Indian Catholics in Kerala state, where Christians are a significant force to count with during the elections, and encourages them to give their votes to Suresh Gopi.

This can be heard on the recording:

Only when we run together can we achieve victory. So, if we run along with Suresh Gopi sir we can achieve that.”

The priest says the fake video uses fragments of his speech, which he gave last December during a meeting with university students.

Source: Asia News

Photo: Wikimedia

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