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Catholic priests attacked in India

A group of about a dozen people broke into the priests's home. The intruders beat the priests and took away all their money.

Two Catholic priests, Fr Alois Xalxo, 72, and Fr Nirial Bilung, 52, were attacked in their home on Saturday. A group of about a dozen people broke into the priests accommodation in Jhorabahal, Orissa state, India. The intruders attacked the priests in their sleep, beat them with iron rods and hockey sticks, and robbed all the money from their home, church, hostel, and school.

“We were sleeping when the thugs entered the church after breaking the glass door.”

Fr Xalxo recalled.

Fr Bilung added that,

They tied us up and when we shouted they attacked and injured us. They looted the money kept in the church, as well as money from the hostel and the school”.

According to the police report, the robbers took more than $11,000. Both of the priests were hospitalized, but their condition is stable. Rourkela diocese, to which the priests belong, thanked the community and the local police for their help and support in this case. The police are still investigating and looking for the attackers.

Source: Asia News

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