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Catholic priests attacked in India

Two priests were beaten by intruders in their home during a robbery.

Results of the Indian elections give hope to Christians

Hindu nationalist party loses seats in elections, giving Christians a glimmer of hope.

Catholic priests face charges after Hindu mob attacked them

The two priests are charged with promoting enmity between religions, after a Hindu mob attacked them.

Hindu group demands probe into the activities of Caritas India

The group says Caritas India is a national, social, and economic security threat.

Abolition of Easter holidays upsets Indian Christians

Easter holidays are going to be working days in the conflict-torn Manipur state.

Christian family beaten and separated from their kids in India

Tribal villagers expel couple for refusing to renounce Christ.

Priest attacked inside church premises in India

The priest was attacked by more than 50 young people who were riding bikes during a Friday service.

Clash over church land leaves 21 Christians injured

A group of Hindu believers attacked the Christians over a land dispute in southern India.

A church-run school was told to remove Christian symbols in India

A Hindu nationalist group in India told the school to remove Christian symbols or face the dire consequences.

In Lucknow, India, a Catholic priest was arrested on charges of conversion

Fr Dominic Pinto was arrested on charges of trying to convert poor Hindus.