Tag: Elections

Priest accuses politician of making fake propaganda video

The Indian priest accused a politician that, amid the election campaign, he made a fake propaganda video from his speech.

German Catholic politician publicly mocked for his religious beliefs

Germany will vote on the 26th of September for the new federal government and the successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At least thirty-four Christian candidates will participate in Iraqui elections

At least thirty-four Christian candidates on the electoral lists will compete for the 325 seats in the Parliament in the next Iraq

Myanmar: Violence, tension, and food emergency

More than sixty thousand civilians are currently facing a severe food shortage due to the ongoing fighting.

Center right wins parliamentary elections in Slovakia

The good result of the opposition is related to public indignation after the murder of a journalist who was tracking corruption.

Resignation of Algerian President Questions the Future of Christians

With no date set for a new election, Christians in Algeria know that the result of the elections is unpredictable.