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A statue of the infant Jesus was beheaded in a German church

On the 27th November, unknown perpetrators vandalised the Basilica of St. John the Baptist in Saarbrücken (Germany).


A statute of Infant Jesus was beheaded and the statute of Mary, holding the infant, was also damaged. Furthermore, the altar had been vandalised, and a cigarette was extinguished on the main altar.

In order to reach the statutes of Mary and Jesus, the perpetrator must have climbed on one of the altars.

The Baroque Basilica of St. Johann, built in the 18th century, is located in downtown Saarbrücken. According to the parish, it happens occasionally that visitors in the church steal something or express anger. However, there has been no targeted damage to the church so far. It is currently unclear whether the damaged figures can be repaired.














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