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Christian Persecution in Hungary: Virgin Mary Statue Destroyed

Holy Mary statue

The statue of Virgin Mary was vandalized by the morning of May 19, smashing the upper part of the artwork beyond recognition in Dunavecse, Hungary.

On May 6, Archbishop Balázs Bábel consecrated the statue of the Queen of Peace in Dunavecsé, which is located in the roundabout at the outskirts of the town. By the morning of May 19, the artwork was vandalized, practically smashing the upper part of the statue beyond recognition.

An ongoing police investigation is taking place regarding the incident. Since it occurred in an area on the outskirts of the town, it is presumed that the act of vandalism was deliberate, with the perpetrator’s intention being the destruction of the Christian statue. During the inauguration ceremony of the Virgin Mary statue, the Ministerial Commissioner responsible for religious tourism emphasized the significant importance of guiding symbols.


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