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The tabernacle of a German church was vandalised

This is not the first incident in and around Mönchengaldbach in the last years.

The glass door of a church in Vienna was destroyed with a hammer

The motivation of the perpetrator remains unclear.

A church was vandalised in broad daylight in Italy

The perpetrator was arrested and was taken to a hospital, as he injured himself while throwing stones against a church.

Several churches were burned in Pakistan following blasphemy allegations

Police have arrested at least 128 people for vandalizing churches.

Vandals smeared oil on the entrance of a church in Italy

The vandals have not yet been identified.

A church was desecrated in Southern France

As a consequence of this act, the church has been closed for an indefinite time.

Christian Persecution in Hungary: Virgin Mary Statue Destroyed

The statue of Virgin Mary was vandalized by the morning of May 19, smashing the upper part of the artwork.

The church of a Belgian village was targeted with repeated acts of vandalism

Fortunately, no one was wounded as a result of the attacks.

A church was severely vandalised in France

Such acts of vandalism are becoming increasingly commonplace in France.