A German church was temporarily closed due to vandalism

Evangelical lutheran church

Over the past few months, the Neuer Markt church in the Herford district has experienced a series of incidents involving vandalism and damage.


This includes instances where the pews were repeatedly pushed and knocked over, a curtain torn down, an ‘open church’ sign removed from its usual place and positioned on the altar, and leaflets taken from their displays and scattered around the premises.

Additionally, there have been reports of unidentified individuals leaving excrement in the church; despite a decrease in the number of incidents, the presence of faeces is still occasionally discovered.

Due to the inability to monitor the church continuously and the lack of surveillance cameras, the parish is reluctantly compelled to keep the church closed for the time being. The priest acknowledges the unfortunate necessity of this decision, stating “We regret having to take this step but under the current circumstances we see no alternative.”

Source: westfalen-blatt.de



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