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A centuries-old church was vandalised in Italy

The vandalism has caused significant damage

A group of teenagers vandalised a church in Italy

The fire brigade and the police started investigating and a complaint was filed.

A group of young terrorists targeting Christians was dismantled in Germany

Arrest warrants have been issued in connection with several allegations.

A young Christian convert was beaten up for attending Holy Mass in Italy

Following the incident, the police issued three pre-trial detention orders.

Eighteen churches were pelted with eggs in Germany

The suspect cited personal circumstances as their motive and has since expressed remorse.

A pastor was shot during a carjacking

Police currently have no suspects and have not recovered the stolen vehicle.

A man threatened to blow up a church in Italy

The police arrived and were able to detain the man and imprison him

Potential thieves tried to break into a church in Germany

The the incident was reported to police shortly afterwards

Yet another church was vandalised in Germany

Police have been investigating using camera footage.