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A man threatened to blow up a church in Italy

The police arrived and were able to detain the man and imprison him

Potential thieves tried to break into a church in Germany

The the incident was reported to police shortly afterwards

Yet another church was vandalised in Germany

Police have been investigating using camera footage.

Israeli police arrest five people for hostile gestures towards Christians

Israeli police on Wednesday arrested five people suspected of spitting towards Christians

Safety fears for Catholic police officers in Northern Ireland

Catholic officers have been advised to bring guns to mass after Northern Ireland data breach

Anti-Christian hate crimes are on the rise across Bavaria

Figures of saints were destroyed or damaged, people smoked and urinated in church rooms in the heart of Europe.

Nicaraguan authorities banned a traditionnal Marian procession

This is not the first time the local regime has banned such services.

A group of Jamaicans charged for $600,000 church robbery

The police seized the car and recovered the stolen items.

Al-Shabaab killed over 100 people in a terrorist attack in Somalia

Accodring to the police, "terrorists killed mothers with their children trapped on their backs”

Russian Embassy in Portugal denounces "attack" on priest in Lisbon

Thee local authorities said they were not aware of the situation.